Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Old pics and new

Sorting through the pictures on my increasingly sluggish computer. Trying to lighten her atlas like load. 

And I find these old pictures of me, a bit older than Lara is now, I guess. 

And these, of Lara


  1. Well, there's no denying that she's yours, is there? xx

  2. That was Rudolf!!! We still have a picture of Hans sharing a glass of milk with Rudolf!
    And ah yes, she is your spitting image! Lovely pictures, all of them. Now tell us what she can say (in English or Swahili?). Caroline just called me, telling on her mom, saying "Oma? nam nam, nana alle!" (meaning: Granny? The banana I just had is gone now! And mom hasn`t provided for more!) They really have personalities right from the beginning. So did you, as I well remember.

  3. Shiny - no, no I remember quite clearly when she came out! I must dig out some of her dad's baby pics too. VERY funny!

    Geli - yes, Rudolf! Lara's also chatting away now. So cute! This morning she was trying to call the cat off the windowsill saying "Catti, paka come! Njoo!" (Paka is cat and Njoo is come, in Swahili!)

  4. haha! i love it, all the photos, you and her. she sure is your daughter, what little beauties you both are.

    i think personalities really come through in photos when it comes to children. this is a great post miranda, lara is going to love looking at these someday.

    looks like she might have a future as a chef!

  5. Hi Miranda
    Lovely photos, and of course she is the centre of your world - most adorable little one. It is such fun looking at old photos and noticing all the resemblances. Thanks for sharing them with us!

  6. That is an amazing similarity - love the open mouthed laugh ones - just the same - but I think you should def put them on your blog blog - everybody wants to read about African babies lives when you live in London - ALSO on Wed I'm blogging about a new programme on babies - have a look at the youtube ad for it - amazing - anyway, lots of love L x