Thursday, February 24, 2011


So we went for a walk down the road and Lara found this nice big juicy puddle. And sat in in for hours. And I was torn between running back home (a few hundred metres away) and getting my camera or staying with her and making sure she didn't get run over by a random passing car or cow.

I chose to stay which I think was probably a good call!

And then eventually, her covered in slimy mud, she wanted to go home. No, be CARRIED home. And me in a pristine white skirt. And her in a cloth nappy that had soaked up at least 6 litres of very muddy water. 

So I kinda held her out at arms length and trotted back to the house. And then I changed her nappy and shoes, got my camera and took her back to the puddle to try and re-enact the scene. And she was all 'what do you mean you want me to sit in a puddle? Are you nuts?' 

So I took a picture anyway, but it wasn't quite the same. 


  1. Hahaha, stubborn little girl! Who has she got THAT from?! Still cute, though, with her accusing look!

  2. I LOVE the "the hell?" look on her face!

  3. A. says when Caroline is "opposed" to doing something, she lifts her fists and goes "rowr!!"
    Haha, I had to come back here and laugh again. More pictures and stories, please!

  4. hahaha! oh baby gal, you are awesome. don't you know as soon as you put your camera down something super cute happens? haha. great post miranda, and yes, more more!

  5. Oh, that look! Wait until you get that when she's a teenager. So sweet x