Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The beginning

I'm not sure why I'm compartmentalising things so. A blog for general stuff. A blog for baby stuff. I'll have a work one soon, no doubt. As if I don't have enough trouble finding time to blog as it is!

Anyway, I have this friend who has no time for the smug mummy brigade. If that’s not where you are then its oh so booooring to read about other people’s babies and their poo and their perfect little toes and feet. He said, on Facebook, “Tim finds newly minted parents the most boring people in the world” And I have many friends who share these sentiments. I did too year before last. And then I had this baby. And she is suddenly the centre of my world.

So I am very quietly sidling over here to write stuff about my baby from time to time, without boring the pants off the Tims of this world.

So if you’re not a baby person, please. Don’t even come here. And if you are.



  1. haha! yay! lovely start, i like the name. you know those people who are most bored are the ones who become most devoted when they have their firstborn.

    i love babies, children and all things related (except the poo of course). welcome mothering times!

  2. As if Tim wasn`t a baby once, to his mommy`s delight! But that`s how it is, Lori is right. Lovely new blog, now WE WANT PICTURES, and stories, of course! Make them long and detailed!

  3. yes. and? post my china..am def telling tim! heh he. x

  4. Fab Miranda - those pics of you are similar in look and how extremely sweet the ones of lara are. Love it!